We believe in physiotherapy that puts compassion and quality at its forefront.


In every appointment, the patient gets the full, undivided attention of a highly-trained registered physiotherapist for the appointment duration in a private treatment room – no switching between clients. Our treatments are hands-on with minimal use of machines or equipment. All of our physiotherapists have a special focus in their practice in treating select conditions and diseases. Our therapists invest their own time and money in extensive and specific post-graduate courses in order to bring clients the latest evidence-based research.


our Approach

Our highly skilled physiotherapists are able to see (by postural and movement analysis) and feel (by hands-on soft tissue and fascial evaluation) areas of the body contributing to restricted mobility, functional limitations, and pain issues. We look at the whole person, which helps us to develop a treatment plan which strives to address the cause versus solely treating the symptoms. In our approach, you are an active participant in your healing journey, rather than a passive recipient of hands-on techniques. 

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Our philosophy

NeuroLogic Physiotherapy operates under a business structure which allows our clients to receive the best treatment possible that we can provide. Our goal is to provide this care in an open and transparent environment in which compassion remains at the forefront of our business philosophy. 

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