Intensive Treatment Programs

NeuroLogic Physiotherapy is proud to present the option for patients to receive Myofascial Release Treatment Intensives. This method of treatment offers a customized program of multiple treatment sessions within a brief period of time in order to promote and advance the healing process.

What is a treatment intensive?

A treatment intensive offers multiple, closely spaced treatment sessions in the span of one or two weeks. The patient gets the same treatment as any client coming for treatment on a regular basis, however the close spaced treatment sessions that the intensive offers allows the therapist to get into the restricted areas deeper and more effectively with each successive treatment. Having multiple treatment sessions in a shorter time frame and / or with multi-hand treatments (two therapists treating you together in a session) helps to break up physical and emotional holding patterns that can limit progress and delay healing. This momentum prevents both physical and emotional old bracing and holding patterns from returning as there is minimal time in between treatments.

Who can benefit?

We all have unconscious habitual holding and bracing patterns! However, some of these patterns may cause more pain and discomfort in some if they are not corrected. These bracing patterns exist both physically and emotionally, often existing beyond the person’s awareness.

People with any chronic pain and pain restrictions can benefit from this treatment approach. 


What are the benefits of an intensive treatment?

Benefits include:

  • Correcting habitual strain and posture patterns
  • Continual postural evaluation and correction to help prevent previous holding patterns and restrictions from returning
  • Relaxation training
  • Mindfulness training
  • Body and mind connection awareness

Myofascial Release intensive treatment allows for progressive tissue release that is not possible when treatments are stretched out from one week to another.