Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Treatment

Our clinic has experienced and skilled neurological physiotherapists that have a special interest in helping clients with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Our physiotherapists can help Multiple Sclerosis patients with management of a variety of aspects of the disease - relapse management, rehabilitation, symptom management, and pain management. Our therapists are also trained in the Bobath approach for fine motor skill training. In treatment, the therapist assesses and treats gait patterns, balance issues, dizziness/vestibular issues, as well as posture mal-alignment.  An exercise program is also developed and individualized for each client - these range from standard exercises to yoga and Myofascial Release-based exercise programs. 

Some of our therapists are also affiliated with the CAN Do program. Visit their website for free resources, guidance on planning, and access to webinars.

Our clinic also offers Odstock® Dropped Foot Stimulator device fittings that can help many people with Multiple Sclerosis move with more ease. To read more about this assistive walking device, click here.