Our Philosophy

Since its humble beginnings in 2003, NeuroLogic Physiotherapy has grown to open two locations serving the Ottawa area with a team of 20 highly-skilled and dedicated therapists who work together as an interprofessional team. Our team includes physiotherapists, occupational therapists, a massage therapist, a chiropractor, and a yoga therapist who focus on providing hands-on treatment on a one-to-one basis.

Our physiotherapists are trained to see (by postural and movement analysis) and feel (by hands-on soft tissue and fascial evaluation) areas of the body contributing to restricted mobility, functional limitations, and pain issues. We expand our assessment to look at the whole person, which helps us to develop a treatment plan which strives to address the cause versus solely treating the symptoms. In our approach, the client is an engaged, active participant in the healing process, rather than a passive recipient of hands-on techniques.

In addition to the standard registered physiotherapy qualification, our therapists have specific knowledge, training and experience in treating various neurological and orthopedic conditions as well as an understanding of the way the brain and central nervous system work and influence other systems of the body. Our neurologically trained therapists work to normalize postural alignment, movement and balance through Bobath concept and/or neuro-developmental techniques (NDT) as well as Myofascial release techniques.  These techniques help to modulate muscle tone and release restricted fascial tissue in order to allow for better mobility and range of motion. As well, our orthopedic trained therapists also use hands-on techniques, such as Myofascial Release and Craniosacral techniques to complement their strong manual and orthopedic skills. In addition, there is a strong focus on the use of research-validated and evidence-based Outcome measures in our care approach. 

We look at the whole person, which helps us to develop a treatment plan which strives to address the cause versus solely treating the symptoms. In our approach, you are an active participant in your healing journey, rather than a passive recipient of hands-on techniques. Right from the start, to facilitate optimal recovery, you will be asked to be actively involved in:

  • Setting your personalized goals,

  • Learning and understanding your body's postural mal-alignment, tone, strength and range of motion limitations, as well as movement dysfunctions,

  • Participating in the treatment process, which will include exercise components to support treatment goals,

  • Building your mind-body awareness, In an individualized home program of exercises and stretches.

We believe our ability to treat clients on such a highly skilled and successful level results in part from the business structure that wehave chosen to pursue. NeuroLogic Physiotherapy operates under a business structure which allows our clients to receive the best treatment possible that we can provide. Our goal is to provide this care in an open and transparent environment in which compassion remains at the forefront of our business philosophy.  Each therapist is matched with clients presenting with issues for which that therapist  has experience, training and a passion for treating.  If we feel we cannot provide the skill set to optimally meet a clients needs, we will refer to another more appropriate external provider. As physiotherapists, we are committed to being lifelong learners and this is evident in the fact that our therapists invest their own time and resources to pursue on-going education.

As therapists, we are committed to the idea that learning is a lifelong commitment. Being life long learners, our therapists invest their own time and resources in pursuing on-going education in order to bring clients the latest evidence-based research. We are constantly attending courses, exhibitions, and immersing ourselves in research in order to constantly educate ourselves. This has also led us to be advocates of maintaining healthy, active, and balanced lives in order to encourage preventative care.