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Choosing a physiotherapist can be overwhelming and we understand! Medical terminology is complicated and it can be hard to trust your health care to a professional who you do not know. We are always happy to speak to you over the phone or in person to answer any questions or concerns that you may have. If we feel that we cannot treat your issue appropriately, we will refer you on to a more appropriate clinic and/or health professional.


Our Treatment Approach

Our highly skilled physiotherapists are able to see (by postural and movement analysis) and feel (by hands-on soft tissue and fascial evaluation) areas of the body contributing to restricted mobility, functional limitations, and pain issues. We look at the whole person, which helps us to develop a treatment plan which strives to address the cause versus solely treating the symptoms. In our approach, you are an active participant in your healing journey, rather than a passive recipient of hands-on techniques. 

Right from the start, to facilitate optimal recovery, you will be asked to be actively involved in:

  • Setting your personalized goals,
  • Learning and understanding your body's postural mal-alignment, tone, strength and range of motion limitations, as well as movement dysfunctions, 
  • Participating in the treatment process, which will include exercise components to support treatment goals,
  • Building your mind-body awareness,  In an individualized home program of exercises and stretches. 



What should I bring?

We ask all clients to download and fill out an intake form before arriving for their initial assessment with us if possible. We also ask new clients to come at least 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment.

We also ask each client to bring a pair of shorts to the initial assessment in case the therapist thinks it will benefit the assessment.


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