Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation

Spinal cord injuries can present a wide array of problems and issues depending on the degree of severing of the spinal cord (partial or total) and the area of damage. With spinal cord injuries, physiotherapy can help by:

  • Facilitating neuroplasticity to optimize motor output and improve fundamental movement patterns
  • Improving and increasing overall function in the body
  • Developing an individualized exercise program tailored to a client's specific needs
  • Improving balance and gait, if appropriate
  • Evaluating and improving abnormal  alignment and compensatory movement patterns that may be interfering with mobility and/or causing pain
  • Using Myofascial release to reduce spasticity, normalize tone, and increase range of motion

Overall, physiotherapists work to maximize the independence of a person with a spinal cord injury. Our physiotherapists will develop a treatment plan based specifically on the client's abilities and goals for recovery.


Have a spinal cord injury? Find more resources at the Spinal Cord Injury Ontario's website: http://www.sciontario.org/