Stroke Rehabilitation

Heart disease and stroke continues to be the leading cause of hospitalization in Canada, accounting for 16.9 % of total hospitalization in Canada in 2009. After being discharged from the hospital and rehabilitation programs, many stroke survivors are left with diminished support and resources to foster their continued recovery. At NeuroLogic Physiotherapy, we help to continue their progress and encourage recovery through facilitating neuroplasticity, postural alignment, and normal movement patterns. In one-on-one treatment sessions, our stroke physiotherapists will focus on your goals and helping you achieve them while also working to improve functional outcomes. Physiotherapy can also be provided in home or in a long-term care residence. Our stroke therapists will focus on improving balance, spastiscity management, treating muscle weakness and stiffness, as well as correcting compensatory movement patterns. 

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Are you a stroke survivor? Visit the Stroke Survivors Association of Ottawa's website to learn more about activities and services in the Ottawa area: 

The Canadian Partnership for Stroke Recovery also has information and resources for stroke survivors: